(S27) TSL Gold Cup: FINAL

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    (S27) FINAL

    Please schedule match and post match result here
    Tag me and RedAL once a gametime is set

    GAME TIME: Monday, March 12 at 10pm EST


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    shiftee -- wSeals9
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    Nice 3 - 2 West Ham
    13 (6) - Shots (OT) - 8 (3)
    45% - Possession - 55%
    6 - Tackles - 11
    1 - Fouls - 0
    4 - Corners - 3​

    Match Events:

    :goal: West Ham: J. Hernandez :assist: M. Lanzini
    :goal: West Ham: M. Lanzini :assist: M. Antonio
    :goal: Nice: M. Balotelli :assist: J. Seri
    :goal: Nice: J. Seri :assist:M. Balotelli
    :goal: Nice: A. Plea :assist: N. Mendy

    :trophy: West Ham: M. Lanzini

    Nice fell behind in the early stages of Gold Cup final vs West Ham, when in the 18th minute, Chicharito finished a cross with a nice powerful volley that keeper Cardinale had no chance on. Momentum was rolling for West Ham, when only 11 minutes later it seemed that Chicharito struck again, this time with a header, but was called back for offsides. That didn't take any steam away from the West Ham attack, just 7 minutes later on an almost identical play, only this time it was Lanzini with the header that knocked it by a diving Cardinale.

    The 2nd half started a bit more defensive and neither team really generated much. That all changed in the 75th minute when Balotelli took a shot through Reid's legs and into the back of the net. 5 minutes later it seemed that Super Mario tied it up when he broke through the defense but was called back for offsides. Momentum seemed to be swinging in Nice's direction as they started to put together a consistent attack, and was rewarded in the 89th minute with a blast by Seri, this time through Ogbonna's legs and into the net. Nice would complete the comeback just a minute later, when Plea took a shot usng Evra as a screen, Joe Hart didn't see it until it was too late, as the ball went by him just under the cross bar.​

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