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    CS - SV Trade

    SV sends: 1B C.J. Gunn 1 year @ $3.6 mln CS sends: 1B Alex Perez 3 years @ $31.86 mln SS Bob McCormick 3 years @ $28 mln SP Justin Pettigrew (AA) SP Keith Vance (AAA) LF Chris Holmes (AA) paulym5 to confirm NeuroticTruth
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    Sierra Vista / Silver City Trade

    Sierra Vista trades: SP Javier Chavez 2028- $16.5, 2029 - $15.5 (Team Option $8) **Sierra Vista to pay $7.5 of Chavez's 2028 salary. Call up SP Dan Pressler from AAA and put in Chavez's rotation spot. Silver City trades: CF Melvin Suarez (INT) SP Cesar Silva (AA) SP Emilio Ibarra (R)...
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    Lions - Klondikes Trade

    Approved. Slot Wansley into 1B. Have Graves play LF. Longaker to SS.
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    SV 1 Year Extension

    SS Tim Ramsey will not negotiate.
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    Lions - Klondikes trade

    SV accepts. Don't worry about inserting Grainger into the lineup this sim.
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    Twitch Integration