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  1. HAL9100

    Should the minor league teams also be 26 man rosters? (FAILED)

    Since the MLB got moved to 26 man rosters, wouldn't it make sense for it to be 26 at every level?
  2. HAL9100

    Brewers Release

    SP Matt McCray NeuroticTruth
  3. HAL9100

    Rule 5 Return

    C Miguel Castillo to the Royals C William Dennis to the White Sox
  4. HAL9100

    2103 Draft lottery

  5. HAL9100

    2101 Draft Lottery

  6. HAL9100

    Phillies and Yankees Trade

    Phillies Send 2B Sidney Jones - R Lakewood Blue Claws Yankees Send SS Randy Pierce - AAA Scranton WB Yankees Jmustang1968 Roggie
  7. HAL9100

    Rivermen Retainer

    2B Kerry Wilson
  8. HAL9100

    Phillies Retainer

    LF Lonnie McAdie
  9. HAL9100

    Marlins Retainer

    CF PJ Smith
  10. HAL9100

    Rule 5 Return

    Phillies return RP David Smith to the Houston Astros.
  11. HAL9100

    2097 Draft Lottery

  12. HAL9100

    League Format

    I did some testing around yesterday and determined it would be feasible to do a melee format if that's what you guys want. So I'd like to see what you guys actually want. I'm not going to realign divisions into something different while keeping our general structure. The options are: Keep...
  13. HAL9100

    Phillies Release

    RF Chris Daly and apply it to last season.
  14. HAL9100

    Phillies Retainer

    CL Jimmy Bridges
  15. HAL9100

    Twins Retainer

    CF Robbie Dunn
  16. HAL9100

    Phillies Retainer

    2B Hector Hernandez
  17. HAL9100

    Scorpions Rule 5 Return

    RP Ben Tafur NeuroticTruth
  18. HAL9100

    Marlins Retainer

    CL Lawrence Bowman