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  1. AbolishtheFed

    Rule 5 Return

    RP Shawn Daniel was drafted in rule 5 by the Yankees. My file corrupted the night before and I was not able to export. I left a message on the chat tagging the simmers that he would need to be protected. He'll need to be returned to SF.
  2. AbolishtheFed

    Rangers/Giants trade

    SF accepts
  3. AbolishtheFed

    League Format

  4. AbolishtheFed

    SF Retainer

    SP Bill Burnett
  5. AbolishtheFed

    A's/Giants trade....

    SF accepts
  6. AbolishtheFed

    Giants - Stampede trade

    SF accepts
  7. AbolishtheFed

    SF - NO Trade

    SF Trades CF Roger May (DFA) $650,000 (arb) NO Trades SP Chad Washington (A) NeuroticTruth HAL9100 pitt4life21 Roggie
  8. AbolishtheFed

    SF Retainer

    2B Carlos Medrano
  9. AbolishtheFed

    Expos/Giants Trade

    Giants accept.
  10. AbolishtheFed

    Lions - Klondikes Trade

    Approved. Slot Wansley into 1B. Have Graves play LF. Longaker to SS.
  11. AbolishtheFed

    Three team trade

    Giants accept.
  12. AbolishtheFed

    SV 1 Year Extension

    SS Tim Ramsey will not negotiate.
  13. AbolishtheFed

    SF Rule V Return

    Return to STL - RP Armando Rivera (DFA)
  14. AbolishtheFed

    Giants Retainer

    RF Bob O'Herlihy
  15. AbolishtheFed

    Lions - Klondikes trade

    SV accepts. Don't worry about inserting Grainger into the lineup this sim.
  16. AbolishtheFed

    SF - OAK Trade

    SF Trades: SS Sebastian Ledru (R) OAK Trades: SP Scott Moody 2089 (appx $7 mln left), 2090 - $12M, 2091 - $8 M ($3.2 TM) omlawdog pitt4life21 Roggie HAL9100 NeuroticTruth
  17. AbolishtheFed

    Giants/Royals trade

    SF accepts.
  18. AbolishtheFed

    (F18) World Cup Qualification Results

    France 4 - 3 Denmark 8 (5) Shots (OT) 19 (11) 47% Poss 53% 12 Tackles 14 4 Fouls 2 0 Cards 1 77% Pass 70% 20' :goal: C Eriksen :assist: D Wass 24' :goal: O Dembele :assist: K Mbappe 25' :goal: C Eriksen 27' :goal: A Griezmann :assist: C Tolisso 37' :goal: K Mbappe 42' :goal: C Eriksen (PK) 50'...
  19. AbolishtheFed

    KC / SF Trade

    KC Sends: SP Steve Johnston - R (Idaho Falls) 2B Jesse Manning - A (Wilmington) SF Sends: SP Salvadore Negrete - 1 / $4.2m Brandon pitt4life21 Roggie HAL9100
  20. AbolishtheFed

    (F18) World Cup Qualification Results

    France 0 - 0 Serbia :redgloves: H Lloris, V Stojkovic :trophy: B Ivanovic :yellowcard: A Kolarov Both teams secured a point and Serbia put itself in good position to advance through 3 games in the group. Both teams had a small number of chances, but they ended up as posts or just misses.