2081 Draft Grades


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San Diego Padres:

Round 1: 2B Alden Charnock
Round 2: 3B Nathan Harris
Round 3: LF/1B Neil Minor
Round 4: RP Omar Gonzalez
Round 5: RP Karl Gray

Charnock should end up as one of the best 2Bs in the game. Harris, he can carve out a spot but I feel like he was drafted a bit high. Minor can't defend, but has a nice bat. Gonzalez is definitely a ML caliber reliever/setup man in the future. Gray, he has a lot of work to do. Charnock and Gonzalez are definitely the best pieces here and far above the rest.

Grade: B-


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San Francisco Giants:

Round 1: SS Carlos Medrano
Round 2: SP Ryan Ozoria
Round 3: RF Julius Albright
Round 4: SP Gonzalo Rivera
Round 5: CL Jack Nash

I have no idea. Medrano is backup infielder. Ozoria is a long reliever. Albright can't defend. Rivera and Nash have no clue where the ball is going when they throw it. Yeah, probably the worst overall class of any team this draft.

Grade: F


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Seattle Mariners:

Round 1: CF Mike Carey
Round 2: SP Tim Shoffi
Round 3: SP Chris Payne
Round 4: 1B/2B Karl McVurie
Round 5: SP Bennett Bland

Carey is a stud. Could have gone #1. Great pick. Shoffi and Payne were decent picks at the time of drafting, but both have regressed into non-ML players. McVurie could possibly make the majors. Bland has a very fitting last name.

Grade: B- at time of drafting, now C-.


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St. Louis Cardinals:

Round 1: 1B Sean Webb
Round 2: 1B Rob Bates
Round 3: 1B Bobby McKinzie
Round 4: RP Warren Rodgers
Round 5: SP Mauro Nunez

Webb is really good. Bates is okay. McKinzie is meh. But WHY would you take 3 1Bs to start the draft? Webb is a stud, and the other 2 have no chance to play if Webb develops. Plus 1Bs are everywhere right now. I don't get this. Rogers is TERRIBLE. That's a 14th round pick, not 4th. Nunez is respectable for a 5th rounder, but needs work to have any shot.

Grade: D-, only because Webb is so good.


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Tampa Bay Rays:

Round 1: CF John Wallace
Round 2: SP John Stewart
Round 3: SP Manuel Alvarez
Round 4: RP Paul Fullerton
Round 5: LF Chet Brown

This class looked much better at draft time. Wallace has severely regressed, as has Brown. Wallace still has a ML shot, while Brown has none. Stewart has a shot at making a rotation. Alvarez could be a long reliever. Fullerton needs to get stronger.

Grade: D now, B- at time of drafting


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Texas Rangers:

Round 1: RF Patrick MacCoull
Round 2: LF Matthew Hanson
Round 3: SP Mike Beck
Round 4: SP Mike Parker
Round 5: 2B Charlie Ellis

Sleeper: R8 RP Chris Ingram

MacCoull was a good pick when taken. Now he's regressed and doesn't look like much of anything. Hanson is going to make a very nice 4th OF someday or a platoon bat. Beck was a good pick for round 3, but still has work to do. Parker isn't much of anything. Ellis was a good value pick if his defense improves. Ingram has a shot at being a ML reliever if he gets a little stronger.

Grade: B+ at time of drafting, C+ now.


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Toronto Blue Jays:

Round 1: LF/1B Donald Anderson
Round 2: SP Michael Thompson
Round 3: SP Doug McMahon
Round 4: 3B Nick Dixon
Round 5: LF/1B Kyle Bateson

Anderson had no business being there at 15. He was a top 10 talent easily. Great value here. Thompson could make it as a long reliever but has some starting potential. McMahon has regressed and is bad. Same with Dixon. Bateson could be a steal with his bat at that point in the draft, although he may end up at 1B/DH.

Grade: B


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Washington Nationals:

Round 1: SP Bobby Browne
Round 2: RF Cesar Romero
Round 3: SP Jacob Cleveland
Round 4: RF Steve Brooks
Round 5: 2B Mike Williams

Sleeper: R6 SP Julian Flores

Wow. Washington was blessed with the #1 pick with the lottery, and nailed it with Browne. Browne could legit be a #3 or 4 in a rotation right now and has more potential to unlock. Romero was a steal in round 2. Cleveland probably isn't a ML pitcher. Brooks should not have lasted til round 4. Williams has a shot at being a decent 2B. Flores is improving and probably has a better shot at the ML than Cleveland. This class is great. KnightNoles, I'm impressed. You nailed it.

Grade: A+