Baltimore: Rating my Transfers


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Maybe too soon.

But I'm going to do a series where I rate my transfers and thus ensure ill feelings all around.

Think of how Roggie is educating us in a way on good draft choices, and compare it to me teaching you about managing your eccentricities and the results of failing to contain foibles.

No, it's not a girl blanking you in a pub because you're too drunk, it's the feeling of horror when you realise Expos has traded you a 2b with a great bat, but no defence.

So despite I rocked out with an 80-year-old country man and expos outside an awesome venue (with I admit begrudgingly hot white chicks) and my tendencies for tangents, I've had some dark lessons, shit that makes recent porn trends seem tame.

Thus I'm here to impart wisdom that I'll never learn myself.

Remember, without a cool head, a willingness to try to hide/control the coursing river of emotions, you'll ruin what could have been great trade/night.

Also if you don't at least engage in the night out/trade then you're missing out the point of life, violent camaraderie. So while ootp is about getting ahead and protecting your stuff, no need to ruin friendships either, regardless of what you think it costs your wallet.

Else you'll have no one to turn to when you're an abandoned pussy struck boy all alone


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Orioles - Stampede trade
Wade Miles Davis, Jan 22, 2018

LF David Necaise (ML) for
1B Kirby Sullivan (R)

Question 1: Who was ranked #2 in defensive efficiency in whatever league I'm in?
Question 2: How did that team do?
Question 3: Are 1b prospects (except Dennis Long) worth anything?
Answers: Baltimore Orioles, shit and no.

So did I sign a batter who is regressing, shit defensively, can only hit one side and doesn't have over 60 power?

Again holy shit I did that to all of the above.

So I wasn't happy. But Necaise is an outlier, he has crazy record as performing absurdly batwise
To his weak defence that in petty crime court would result immediately in him get lifetime incarceration - fuck that, I tried having good defence, Oh how the roulette gods of ootp laughed as big bats smacked it away from my dweebs running around fast.

Remember instinct, discipline and effort they're nice but in the heat of the moment, the big bats bring home the bacon.

From Breignharts pov I presume he had an overload of corner OFs big bats and didn't fancy his D.

Overall it depends on if Necaise can perform as well as historic.

SideNote: (low range but big throw ==RF! I don't care if LFs are washed up 1bs in real life. RF is where my big bats and no range go)


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Baltimore Orioles and New Orleans Rivermen Trade
NeuroticTruth, Jan 22, 2018

Baltimore get:
1B Wally Stewart - 22 y /o - A Inland

Baltimore Sends:
SP Chris Yates - R Sarasota
CL Jerry Lowe - R Sarasota

This one, I got to be honest.
I'll admit it, I believe I was melodramatically traped, strong-armed and made me scared of getting my prostate checked for fear of reliving it.

First up Wally is a great name, but he had 70 vs righties and my average needed to rise. I could see no other 70 versus rhs on the market and it had been years since I've had a deal with Neurotic.

So it became clear in the trade process, Yates was key. he mentioned Lowe. I said post Jerry Lowe, I meant in slack, link him to me. Neurotic our good mate, Mike then posted the trade. So ultimately at this point before we discussed players we like and dislike in our organisation the deal was on the table, immutable.

I felt under pressure to accept his terms if I wanted Wally. My problem.

Mike assured me it was just a reliever added...
It was a tragedy of pretense the back and forth. I said I'd walk away unless Lowe was dropped, Neurotic said he needed him.

I said fuck the farm, I want someone useful now. So I took a 1b with weak eye, and not great power and I told myself I wouldn't regret it. And I don't now, as I believe it opened the doors to trading with Mike again.

As Mike is one of the most frequent traders this is a good connection. Though a couple of days later when I realised Lowe was an 80/60/60 reliever. Well, I felt like accusing someone of my wallet being stolen.

I think Yates was a good draft pick myself. I like his potential stuff and lied to myself saying I'd keep him. For some reason, I think cutting/cutters are elite

Do I think Mike acted dishonestly? No, he didn't. It was clear we were both willing to walk away I believe unless I agreed to his terms. Overall good business from him. This round

Wade Miles Davis

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From Breignharts pov I presume he had an overload of corner OFs big bats and didn't fancy his D.
I can jump in here and say so! I had one top OF spec graduate last June (Dan Swanson) and another graduating this June (Ron Nommensen) which made Necaise the odd man out, especially since he's not so hot versus lefties. This deal got me a probable future big leaguer in Sullivan, cleared room in my outfield, and saved me a little over $3M, so I thought it was pretty satisfying. And shortly afterwards I got another quality OF spec from Expos who's nearly ready.

Hope Necaise does well...and hope Kirby Sullivan does better.


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Orioles - Stampede trade
Wade Miles Davis, Jan 24, 2018

Apologies for the delay, haven't been free in work with a coffee buzz and as such was as subpar as a drunk cub sapling. This one was a quickfire salvo, one rush of blood for a crazy attempt at a bargain. another add-on in my search for a young 2b, and wondering if it was destiny or not to be. It was the beginning of the end for my trade season, at this point I wasn't trading to improve, I was trading for trades, the rush, and hit of trades, trades transfers.

LF Tom Koenecke (A Lake County)
2B Christian Gordon (R)

Baltimore sends:

SP Jeff Hawkins (R)
SP Matt Duncan (R)

Koenecke, a non entity minor league player?

Or a hidden great bat, his right hand side is solid, as in Super Obviously Lit in Damage. I hoped for the second, thus traded away players I'm waiting to look up. I forgot the players who I traded away because really, they weren't ML players by my books of Greenwalt being the defacto standard (googling defacto now).

Christian Gordon is at his potential so is probably flopping, like that kid who brought home his first girl after whiskey. But if he lucks out and improves just a little in 5 years, then I sneak a rare enough young infielder/stud/no homo.

As for Hawkin's and Duncan. They sound like rip off Dragon Age characters who die early so thats what I took them as. Your companions at the start who you loot for all their value before desposing of them.


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Astros - Orioles Trade
ASinghal31, Jan 24, 2018

Astros trade:
2B BJ Miller (ML - Houston Astros)

Orioles trade:
SP Jeffery Poe (ML - Baltimore Orioles)
RP Angelo German (R - Sarasota Orioles)

Orioles will eat half of Poe's contract for the remaining four years.

German, I learned his value not from the European Union, instead from the itnerest of Roggie. So naturally I traded him as soon as i learned he had value.

I thought Miller, Blow job loving dude, was a bargain. great for team morale, having someone to catch those balls. Okay way too much homo.

Miller had 65 cotnact vs right hand side, I thought he could be a 2 war player in a gap in my team. Its a gap that a lesser player really exposes you to continously sinking points/runs/homors.

Poe, is a fucking poltergeist. he was a crazy contract. the last of my absurd indulgences. I thought he was the one, elite stuff, solid mov and control. I thought he was worth it. the one to cleanse the dirt of the past and rule supreme in my number 1 spot.

Asinghal, I'm sorry. I really hoped he'd actually perform and at 12.5 million he was actually worth it. well he appeared worth it. But he's also as underperfoming as one of those liches that whole lives is glued to a rock, eating minerals. Poe is a piece of statistical anomoly, the creation of hundreds of thousand binary pieces stuck together in such a haphazard fashion. I'm not nailin g this metaphor. But for all the inticiaties and rarity of his design, he is one ugly useless piece of shit.

So the fuck tard can piss off, and be someone elses tart.

Poor Poe, he failed as a teletubby, he failed as a pitcher. Might still be an elite reliever again.

As for BJ i dropped him to minors and covnerted him to an ss, because i traded more. And his contact dropped turning him borderline unstably useless. He's a broken genius, I empathise.

I know I called this thread rate my transfers, but I'm not sure of how to tag on stars, or ratings.

7 subways out of 10 macdonalds.

Clearing Poe was worth it. So in non fastfood metrics, it's me being generous and calling it 7.5/10. But due to Bj's lack of use to me and regression it drops to 5.5. I could have picked someone useful to me and turned this into an 8/10 deal. for asinghal, he was just stung by poe's bad form. not his quality of the deal. I think he actually did a tight bit of bargaining as he had excess infielders


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Baltimore Orioles and New Orleans Rivermen Trade
NeuroticTruth, Jan 25, 2018

C Bartolo Barron - 26 y/o - ML New Orleans
SS Derek Rodriguez - 24 y/o - ML New Orleans
SP Yoshinaka Okumura - 29 y/o - ML New Orleans

My best deal. Fuck it, I got Okumura and invested in the power of the Nipon empire. Aka an aging declining empire who want too much money.

Really though, I forgot to spellcheck my last write up and I'm hyped way too much.

Barron is a pussy. But he's my goddamn pussy now, 3rd hand disposed by kent via a deliberate rule 5 fuckup. Neurotic is onto better things, and I salute his chest er gold at C.

So I don't know how or why, but for 24 million or whatever I got a young C. One whose the game engine doesn't rate, so low enough wages. Also how broken C is, not funny. Pisstake ootp, easily fixed. and embarrassing your choice to ignore it. Not a fan

As for Derek, he is solid. Except he is frozen, he was like a pokemon against Lance in the elite 4. Your down to zapdos, out of revives against a level 60 dragonite. You think thunder might just kill him, it misses, badly. Boom ice beam, your one frozen useless piece of shit and your hopes die.

Let's pause, you hear that? It's a silence of 2 parts.


It's the sound of no hope in my squad, and the sound of poor Greenwalts inner thoughts after his serious injury.

Honestly, that was so dark, I'm not sure I'm having fun here. I've recalled Derek there, he's gonna be glorious.


8 wow burgers out of 4 Bunsen Burgers. 8.5/10 in David Transfer metrics


Beef with me, you beef with the best.


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SF / BAL Trade
AbolishtheFed, Jan 26, 2018

SF Trades:
Dreher (AAA)

BAL Trades:
Romanski (AAA)

Dreher is average to fuck. But I just didn't rate romaski. He shared only the letters, but in terms of delivering the "roman"ce of baseball to me. he can and did fuck off.

I'm way too stressed, I shouldn't posses such untamed vulgarity. I mean my background is nightcore tunes dazzling their beats in the background and the good vibes of virgin losers rocking out to anime tunes and fake drawn girls froma 40 year olds dude's imagination, well it should inspire happier thoughts.

So I have no real thoughts behind this one. I traded one piece I didn't like to one that had a potential that I liked. I think i traded Dreher, but telling dreams and reality apart is getting trickier again.

Overall good luck. Though now I probs need Romanski. as such, this one wasn't great.

BTW I know so little about some lads on here, but your good skinsas the phrase here goes, and despite how creepy that phrase strikes me, I mean the best, it was great to get a deal off the ground with Abolishthefed