(F18) World Cup Qualification Results

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Morocco 0 - 1 Japan
1 Shots 6
0 SOT 5
51% Possession 49%
12 Tackles 15
4 Fouls 0
2 :yellowcard: 0
1 Offsides 0
0 Corners 3
72% Pass Accuracy 71%

Match Discipline
:yellowcard: H. Zyech 7'
:yellowcard: Y. Belhanda 19'

Clean Sheets:
E. Kawashima :redgloves:

Match Events

36' :goal: T. Inui :assist: K. Honda

:trophy: M. Hasebe (8.6)

A match filled with a handful of missed opportunities for both countries, Japan must feel fortunate to capture the W. They had a few early chances squandered until the 36' minute when Inui crossed the ball to the far side of net for Honda, who put a decent header on the ball. Unfortunately for Morocco, their GK let the ball hit him directly and trickle into net. After that, relatively little action happened until the end when Morocco had a perfect chance to escape with a point, but missed the best opportunity of the match.



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Argentina 1 Uruguay 2

5 Shots 11
2 SOT 4
56% Possession 44%
8 Tackles 8
0 Fouls 0
0 Offsides 1
1 Corners 1
40% Shot Accuracy 36%
71% Pass Accuracy 73%

:goal: M. Vecino 50' :assist: L. Suarez
:goal: L. Suarez 52' :assist: E. Cavani

:goal:M. Acuna 64' unassisted
MoTM L. Suarez

In another battle of South American rivals, Uruguay won the group with a gritty 2-1 win over Argentina. After battling to a scoreless half, the Uruguayans put up two goals not much after the 2nd half start. Luis Suarez chipped a pass to an in stride Matias Vecino to open up the scoring. Suarez got on the end of a cross from Edison Cavani a few minutes later to double the lead. Argentina pulled one back as Marcos Acuna pounced on a rebound in the box. Argentina pressed further in the match however Uruguay held on for the win.


Japan v Egypt
0 Goals 1
4 Shots 8
2 SOT 3
52% Possession 48%
11 Tackles 17
2 Fouls 2
2 Offsides 1
1 Corners 1
70% Pass Accuracy 69%

Match Events
11' :goal: M. Elneny :assist: A. El-Said
:trophy: M. Elneny
:redgloves: A. El-Shenawry

Egypt score early, survive late scare to snag all 3 points against Japan​

Fans saw another back and forth game between Japan and Egypt. The Egyptians started off fast when El-Said found room along the right side and sent a dangerous ball into the box which found the Arsenal man Elneny alone near the penalty spot who coolly slotted the ball past the Japanese keeper. Inui and Honda had a lot of space and time on the Egyptian flanks but couldn't find a way into the box to their lone striker. They nearly got a point in the final seconds of the game when El-Shenawry cleared the ball off the goal line to keep all three points and keep Egypt atop the group going into the final 2 games of qualification.



Belgium gets another Clean Sheet - but held scoreless in 0-0 draw against Les Bleus

Belgium 0-0 France
2 (1) Shots 2 (0)
48 Poss 52
14 Tackles 8
2 Fouls 2
0 Cards 0
1 Offsides 1
1 Corners 0
71 Passing 70

CS: Courtois | Lloris
MOTM: Vertonghen


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Korea 3 - 3 Senegal

:goal: Ki Sung Yueng :assist: Heung Min Son
:goal: Koo Ja Cheol :assist: Kim Shin wook
:goal: Heung min Son :assist: Koo Ja Cheol

:goal: K. Balde :assist: I. Gueye
:goal: K. Balde :assist: M. Konate
:goal: C. Kouyate:assist: K. Balde

:trophy: K. Balde

Senegal rallies from 3 down to keep their qualification hopes alive. The Koreans got off to a flying start and found themselves up 3-0 at half. A tactical switch unleashed Keita Balde in the second half and Senegal was able to come all the way back to earn the draw.​


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Turkey 3 - 2 Egypt

11 Shots 11
6 On target 5
45 %Poss 55
15 Tackles 12
4 Fouls 1
0 :yellowcard: 0
0 :redcard: 0

:goal: A. Potuk :assist: C. Tosun
:goal: A. Hassan :assist: R. Sobhi
:goal: A. Potuk :assist: E. Belözoglu
:goal: H. Çalhanoglu :assist: C. Tosun

:goal: A. El-Said :assist: T. Hamed

:trophy: A. Potuk


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The Danes prevail in what is sure to be an instant WC classic match against Belgium. The first half was a timid encounter that saw only 3 chances in total as both sides were afraid of making a mistake and getting exposed, they both held their lines. The second half opened up after Durmisi exploded across the midfield for a blasted shot across the keeper's line, Courtois' boots were planted as he helplessly watched the goal fly in. Belgium were thrown a lifeline however as the lengthy Vestergaard, saved a sure chance with a hairline tackle just barely outside the penalty box. He was rewarded with a red card for his bravery in his debut appearance for Denmark. The resulting free kick bounced off the wall but an eventual corner led to a Lukaku header that could have deflated the ball from such force. With the score tied, the ensuing frantic play led to an array of 50/50 balls, As the clock approached final time, a brilliant spell of dribbling from Yurary helped keep the ball alive, he found a wide open Erikson just inside the box who sealed the 3 points at the last second. A heartbreaking loss probably see's the Belgium side heading back to Brussels; while the Danes have a showdown against France to decide who moves through to the round of 16.

(2) - (1) Belgium
7 : shots : 6
4 : on : 4
52% : poss : 48%
19 : tackles : 16
0 : corners : 1
57% : shooting : 66%
65% : passing : 67%

:redcard:J Vestergaard

R Durmisi :assist: C Erikson

R Lukaku :assist: K De bruyne

C Erikson:assist: Y Poulsen

:trophy: C Erikson


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Morocco 0 - 0 Japan
6 - Shots - 2
2 - SOT - 0
49% - Possession - 51%
11 - Tackles - 11
3 - Fouls - 1
0 - :yellowcard: - 1
1 - Corners - 0
74% - Pass Accuracy - 78%

Match Events
:yellowcard: G. Shibasaki (79')

:redgloves: M. El Kajouie, E. Kawashima
:trophy: M. Yoshida (8.1)
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Wales 1 - 0 Netherlands
6 - Shots - 2
2 - SOT - 1
47% - Possession - 53%
9 - Tackles - 9
0 - Fouls - 2
0 - :yellowcard: - 0
1 - Corners - 0
75% - Pass Accuracy - 76%

Match Events
S. Vokes
G. Bale (90')

:redgloves: W. Hennessey
:trophy: G. Bale (9.2)


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England 2 - 3 Wales
17 - Shots - 13
8 - SOT - 5
47% - Possession - 53%
9 - Tackles - 9
2 - Fouls - 2
0 - :yellowcard: - 0
4 - Corners - 2
75% - Pass Accuracy - 75%

Match Events
A. King
A. Ramsey
G. Bale
C. Gunter
R. Sterling
H. Kane
D. Alli
A. King

:trophy: A. King (9.5)​
Great contest in Battle of Great Britain with Wales coming out with the win and cementing first place in Group D. Wales jumped to an early lead thanks to two well placed goals by King and Bale. England fought back to tie it through Sterling and a Golazo from Delli Alli. King put in the man of match performance with his second, the eventual game winner and a Golazo of his own.


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Russia 1 - 1 Croatia

:goal:A. Samedov :assist: F. Smolov
:goal:L. Modric
:trophy:A. Samedov
A bore draw in Moscow sees the Russians officially close our their qualifying campaign before heading to the World Cup. The Croatians did expertly well in closing down the passing lanes and leaving next to nothing open on counter attack opportunities, really limiting the Russians' ability to get quality looks at goal. The Croatians get a point and will now anxiously wait, hoping that the Swiss can do them a favor and take all 3 points from the Germans to force a playoff game.


Matchday 6

Netherlands 2 - 0 Poland

4(3) - Shots(OT) - 10(5)
53% - Possession - 47%
11 - Tackles - 21
79% - Pass Accuracy - 69%

:goal: M. Depay 10' :assist: M. van Ginkel
:goal: 88' M. Depay
:yellowcard: de Vrij
:redgloves: J. Cilessen
:trophy: M. Depay


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Morocco 0 - 1 Turkey

8 Shots 7
2 On target 0
63 %Poss 37
7 Tackles 12
1 Fouls 2
0 :yellowcard: 0
0 :redcard: 0

:goal: C. Tosun :assist: H. Çalhanoglu

:redgloves: V. Babacan

:trophy: H. Çalhanoglu

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Korea 2 - 2 Iran

:goal: Hueng Min Son :assist: Koo Ja Cheol
:goal: Koo Ja Cheol :assist: Kim Shin Wook

:goal: S. Azmoun :assist: M. Taremi
:goal: M. Taremi :assist: E. Haji Safi

:trophy: Koo Ja cheol

The Koreans experience some deja vu as they again let a multi goal lead slip through their fingers and walk away with just a single point. Again, they found themselves in the drivers seat to clinch qualification but were unable to hold on. The group everyone had their eyes on will indeed come down to the last game. Korea can clinch qualification with a win, anything less and Senegal can pass them with a victory over Iran.​
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