Proposed Solution to Brandon's Whining - Shuffle the Deck

Señor Blanco

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THE PROBLEM: We balanced the schedules in the ever-popular melee format (great idea, Blanco), but we have to listen to constant whining from Brandon about how the AL is more competitive than the NL right now.

THE SOLUTION: Shuffle that deck! After every season, we stack the teams from best to worst, then alternate AL/NL. Once we have done so, we would move the teams accordingly.

Spreadsheet linked. The steps are:

1) (Columns A-D) Rank the teams by winning percentage. Current standings on S+ used as an example. Any case where an NL team and an AL team are tied is coloured yellow.

2) (Columns F-G) Divide into odd and even columns. Tally totals. In this case they're even.

3) (Columns J-K) Assign National and American to the new leagues based on whichever option involves moving the fewest teams. In cases with the ties (highlighted yellow), switch the teams around to keep as many teams as possible in the same league. So in this case, the Marlins switch with the Orioles to stay in their leagues, whereas the Dodgers and Yankees already worked out to stay put. The other ties are all between teams in the same league (such as the Red Sox and Rays).

Hypothetically, based on the standings from this year, the As, Royals, Rays, Tigers, Astros, and Twins would switch to the NL, while the Cubs, Giants, Cardinals, Braves, Mets, and Rivermen would switch to the NL.

This could be repeated after every season.


Señor Blanco

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Version 2:

You rank the teams and then only intervene if three teams are in a row from the same league.

Spreadsheet linked Version 2.0. This version only has 5 moves this year.