Retainer Contract Information and Values

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Retainer Contracts

  • A Retainer Contract may be offered to a player that is Free Agency eligible at the end of the season, if they were on your team before August 1st of the previous season.
  • Each team may offer one retainer contract per offseason.
  • A player protected via a retainer contract will be granted a 1 year contract:
    • Position player contracts will be determined by the average of the top 5 salaries at their position.
    • Pitcher contracts will be determined by the average of the top 10 salaries at their position.
  • For position players, “position” is determined by the position that the most innings were played in the previous season.
    • For designated hitters, the highest rated defensive position will determine their salary.
    • All ties go to the highest salaried position.
    • If the player has no defensive ratings at any position, they will default to 1B.
  • For pitchers, “position” is determined by start percentage in games appeared the previous season.
    • If the pitcher started 50% or more of the games they appeared in, they qualify as a starting pitcher.
  • A player may only be retained by a specific team once, but may only be retained twice in his career.
  • If a player on a retainer contract remains with the team that protected him at the end of the season and becomes a free agent, they become a Comp 2 free agent.
    • Comp 2 free agents award a 2nd round compensation pick but do not cost a pick to sign.
  • Intent to sign a player to a “Retainer” must be posted in the transaction subforum before the start of Sim #1 of the offseason.
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