(S25) TSL A MVP Award

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As much as I'd love to say Zardes..... It has to be Giovani Dos Santos. 16 goals, only trailing Balotelli, while also finishing 3rd in assists with 9.


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This is more of a push to get him into the TSL 11:


Played CAM and still was 2nd in the league in goals scored (18 in 19 matches) and added 5 assists to that too. Directly influenced 23/44 goals scored (52%) while adding 4 MoTM awards to his name.


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CDM - Fenerbahce

Souza earned MVP honors for Fenerbahce this season, starring in a defensive midfield role. Despite playing in a defensive position, Souza still finished with the second-most assists for Fenerbahce and tied for the most MOTM awards on the club this season. Souza was also instrumental in the club's defensive improvement late in the season, as Souza's defensive play helped the team secure 5 clean sheets in their final 10 games.


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Although Super Mario had a great season, leading the league in goals scored, the actual MVP for OGC Nice this season has to be

Younes Belhanda

Belhanda contributed with 8 goals, while leading the league with 16 assists, and also lead the league with the most MOTM awards with 7. Without Belhanda's consistency throughout the season, OGC Nice would not have been fighting for the TSL A title.


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Congratulations Giovani Dos Santos, unanimous TSL A MVP Award winner for Season 25! CxMACx10

FINAL VOTE (30 Pts Possible)
1. Dos Santos (6) - 30 Pts

2. Belhanda - 21 Pts
2. Talisca - 21 Pts
4. Gabbiadini - 12 Pts
5. Deeney - 6 Pts
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