(S27) TSL A MVP Award

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Miguel Almiron

The attacking midfielder finished second in the league in total points with 15 goals and 11 assists. He was the biggest contributer to the title winning team.


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Mario Balotelli - OGC Nice (35 goals, 7 assists, 7 MOTM)

Finished 1st in the league with 35 goals (new TSL record), while adding 7 assists and also finishing 1st with 7 MOTM awards.​



Emil Forsberg - RB Leipzig (6 assists, 9 Goals, 2 MOTM)

The Young Swede led the German side in all categories. After a fine promotion campaign last season, he continued his form and allowed the team to finish mid table and avoid any relegation battle.​


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Congratulations Mario Balotelli, unanimous TSL A MVP award winner for Season 27! shiftee

FINAL VOTING (30 Pts Possible)
1. Balotelli (6) - 30 Pts

2. Almiron - 23 Pts
3. Antonio - 16 Pts
4. Payet - 14 Pts
5. Forsberg - 6 Pts
6. Vargas - 1 Pt
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