Vancouver Vandals: Ready to wreak havoc


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So I figure since we won't be overly exciting on the field, I might as well get some immersion going for myself on the overall franchise. First things first, a look at our haul of "players" in the expansion draft

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this thread, the previous iteration of the Vandals exists in name only. Any "firsts" we have are for this run and I won't be factoring that era in at all

On to the draft!

1st round: SP Ken Dean, Atlanta Braves
Dean is a 25-year-old flamethrower, late of the Atlanta Braves. A former 6th round pick, Dean can ramp it up over 100 and has an elite slider. His other pitches lag behind a bit, especially his changeup, but he keeps the ball on the ground. He was a bit rushed through the Braves system, leading the league in losses last year. His last successful level was 106 IP he threw in AA in 2111. He'll head our rotation though, and hope a low pressure environment can help get him to being an eventual back-end piece for when we're halfway decent

2nd round: SS Joe Dobie, Atlanta Braves
We head back to the Braves for our 2nd pick, snagging the slick fielding Dobie. Dobie was worth over 2 WAR last year - primarily from defensive value where he's got solid range and good hands. He should hit enough to get to that level and he'll be starting in our IF from the jump.

3rd round: SP Tom Caldera3n, Oakland A's
Back to the mound and we select our first veteran of the draft. Caldera3n is a 4-pitch vet who led the NL in ERA in 2111 at 2.59. He's 32, and expensive - but if he can produce he should net a nice return prospect-wise with our ability to retain his contract. He also throws 100 and can eat innings. He's a bit prone to allowing homers, but when he's on he's got a nice mix of pitches. He's signed for 15 million for the coming season, but the following year is a $10 mil TO (4 mil buyout) so if he doesn't work out it's not a huge miss.

4th round: LF Roberto Miranda, Chicago Cubs
We dig deep into the NL Champion Cubs minors to grab the lefty-hitting Miranda to start in one of the corner OF spots. He's never played above A Ball but should slot into the heart of the order against RHP. He's got great wheels and while he isn't amazing defensively, he's capable of holding his own.

5th round: SP Simon Schultz, Chicago White Sox
Back to Chicago in the 5th round, but this time we hit up the South Side for the late-blooming Schultz. He won't last deep into games, but throws 97 with a fantastic changeup. He went a solid 9-5, 3.81 with nearly 4 K:BB in AAA for the Sox last year. He'll start out in the rotation, but will likely transition to a swingman pretty quickly.

6th round: RF Todd Robinson, Chicago White Sox
We stay in Chicago and grab another player from the White Sox in OF Todd Robinson. Robinson has spent most of his career in the minors of the Tampa Bay Rays, then signed on with Chicago, was a rule 5 draft and return of the Astros last off-season. Robinson struggled in AAA in 2114, hitting just .243, but the season previous he hit .290 with 24 HR and 4.6 WAR. He's a tall lefty swinger with a cannon arm who will get plenty of time in the lineup against righties

7th round: CF Orlando Rodriguez, Washington Nationals
With players already picked for the corners, we needed someone to man CF and tabbed the very popular Cuban, Orlando Rodriguez from the Nationals. Rodriguez started his career on fire, averaging 4 WAR per year over his first four full years. Last year, the hits didn't fall for him as he hit just .224. The power was still there with 25 HR though and he had his 2nd best defensive season - committing just 2 errors in 159 starts in CF. He'll likely platoon with a RHB CF but with a decent sized contract he'll need to produce when gets playing time

8th round: SP Steve Murphy, Chicago Cubs
Another deep dive into the Cubs system for SP Murphy, a hard throwing 3-pitch guy who hasn't pitched above Short Season A. He's just 24 so he may not start out in the bigs, but we think he projects to a decent back-rotation option down the line

9th round: 1B Homer Gray, San Diego Padres
The well-traveled Gray will get the nod to start at DH vs right handed pitching. He should be able to maintain a high average with decent pop, definitely an upside selection. He was moved along pretty quickly initially and probably needs a chance to get some consistent time in the lineup over the long haul

10th round: 2B Blake Dorsey, New York Mets
We close out our top-10 with our riskiest selection in Blake Dorsey, the 2110 NL MVP. It's not risky from a production standpoint, but from a financial standpoint. Dorsey is 31 and owed nearly 80 million over the next 4 years. When he plays, he plays well. He's a 3-time All-Star and 4-time Platinum Stick winner at 2B, averaging 5 WAR per season over his career. He'll likely hit right in the middle of the lineup.

More to come later!


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Love this idea. It will be fun to see the progression out of the depths of obscurity.


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While I'm really aiming to provide monthly squad updates, there are a couple notable things that happened since our initial update

1. We made our first trade! We sent SP Tom Caldera3n to the Yankees for a trio of prospects. Chief among them is former international amateur, CF Augusto Diaz. Originally signed by the Dodgers, Diaz is a fantastic defensive CF who should hit well enough to at least get the bulk of the playing time in our future OF. Joining Diaz is hard-throwing German RP Hanz Beigelman. Hanz is a power arm who can dial it up to 99 and has a plus curveball to boot. The final piece is 2113 late round pick, 1B Blaine Goebbert. He may not hit enough for a 1B/DH job but does currently have some pop.

2. Speaking of drafts, we made our first ever amateur draft selection! Picking 4th and eyeing an arm, we reached a bit for high-ceiling SP Sean Price. Price went 23-3 for Samford in his collegiate career and in each of his final 2 seasons, struck out 16+ per 9 innings. He's got a great fastball which can tick 100 and a devastating knuckle curve. He's a great glue guy, but there are concerns about how deep he can pitch into games. He may eventually transition into a lockdown stopper.


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Very cool idea, keep it up. I will do a Braves season preview next year as well. Fun way to get to know your team and the rest of the league when guys do these.


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Well, our first month is in the books and I suppose there is nowhere to go but up from here. We finish April just 5-21 - only winning one game against a team that wasn't the Royals. While we weren't really any good in any facet, it was our pitching that was a huge problem - especially after dealing Caldera3n, and Trejo getting hurt. Our team ERA on the month was an eye popping 6.13 and opponents OPS'd .895 against us. Basically we turned every hitter into an All-Star.

Offensively we weren't much better, but our team OPS of .673 did at least beat out a few other squads. We hit .236 as a team and just 23 HR - though we stole the 2nd most bases in the AL (16) and were caught just 4 times. While we certainly won't be good offensively either this year, I do think these numbers might tick up a bit as the season progresses.

Vandals Batter of the Month: C Craig Pugh - Our "big ticket" free agent got the job done in April - hitting a league-leading .395 with 7 walks and 7 doubles, good for a 1.018 OPS on the month.

Vandals Pitcher of the Month: RP Bruce Jenki - Not a lot to choose from of course, but lefty Rule 5 reliever from the White Sox gets the nod. Jenki pitched in 10 games, sporting a 1.56 ERA over 17.1 innings. He struck out 16 and had a WHIP of 1.33

Bright Shining Moment of the Month: Without a shoutout to our two walkoffs in the month, this one has to go a routine groundball that Kansas City's Armando Ramirez hit to short on the 5th. Joe Dobie made the play and thus put a wrap on our first ever franchise victory.

Road Ahead: The road doesn't really get much easier in May as we have 6 against 1st place Tampa Bay, road series in Montreal and Nashville, 4 in Kansas City, 3 against 1st place Pittsburgh and 4 against annually tough Texas. It's completely possible we have something like another 5-21 month.


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Whats Pugh's fielding been like? I saw you were playing him at C where has almost no ratings lol.


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Well, not good as expected, but I figure that given my lack of alternatives, the plus of his bat (at least so far) outweighs the D difference. Basically he's gonna have to keep hitting at a super high clip for me to keep him at C though


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May 2115 Update

Well, there's really no sense beating around the bush, we suck. Really really bad. Potentially historically bad. Which is fine. Sure, I had a few delusional whims in the offseason that we could eke out 65-70 wins but that just isn't going to happen. We're really shitty. We're 3-23 on the road for chrissakes.

We did go 7-19 in May, which is our best month ever! It also tops what I thought we'd do by a pair of games, so there's that. We also seemed to play teams a bit closer. In April we lost 9 games by 5+, in May "only" 6. In April our RD was -85, in May it was -58 and that's including a 17 run loss where Bill Swift and the Rangers took us behind the woodshed and slaughtered us. We scored 19% more runs in April, and allowed 7% fewer. Baby steps.

Vandals Batter of the Month: LF Jaime Peralta - Peralta was our other "big ticket" free-agent, other than Pugh (his 1.572 mil salary is our 7th highest). Signed out of the Domincan by the Cubs and waiver-claimed by the Orioles, we scooped him up mainly because he's not terrible and just 24. He managed a couple WAR for the Cubs AAA last year, and was pretty bad in April for us. In May he was like a bonafide big leaguer though, at least from a power perspective. He hit 6 2B and 6 HR on the month, driving in 16, scoring 21 times thanks to walking 17 times. A nice 40.1% 3TO on the month puts him at 38% on the year. He's hitting just .221 on the year though, in large part thanks to just a .237 BABIP - hopefully he can find a little luck the rest of the way.

Vandals Pitcher of the Month: SP Paul Albright - Oof, yeah, still a bit rough on the pitching side of things. We snagged Albright in the expansion draft from the Diamondbacks, hoping he could do a decent interpretation of a competent SP. He kinda did that in May, after a rough April, going 2-2, 5.28 ERA, 5.12 FIP. For us, that qualifies as good. Albright has really never been "good", he basically broke even WAR-wise for the DBacks over parts of 3 seasons spanning 69 appearances and 27 starts. I think if I can find enough other SP to make him a long man, he might be ok there. That 5.28 ERA was a nice 2.5+ run improvement over the 7.82 he put up in April, so maybe he's trending up!

Bright Shining Moment of the Month: Maybe moment isn't what we'll go for here - this month it's the 3rd inning against the Rays on the 1st. We dropped a 5-spot thanks to HR's from Hinton, ORod and Morales on our way to a nice 10-7 win. The big plus for me here was of course beating the Rays for the first time. I've always hated that organization for some reason.

Road Ahead: If nothing else in June, we'll get to lose to different teams. We've faced the Expos (10), Royals (10) or Rays (8) in nearly 54% of our games so far. In June we get our first looks (I think) at the Astros, Dodgers, Mariners, White Sox, Orioles and Tigers. Of those, only the Tigers are above .500, granted the others might just not be there since they haven't had the chance to play us yet. Still, I'm feelin a bit frisky about June, 18 home games and 11 away. I think we go like 11-18 - which is almost a record that a real team might have in a month, and would be a nice leap forward.


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Glad to see Peralta playing well. He was just a 40 man casualty who deserved better.


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June 2115 Update

Well, we're still bad, but we again had our best month ever! Yeah, 11-17 isn't amazing, but it's a nice jump from the 12-40 of the first two months. Heck, we even managed a nice 6-5 road record this month. The biggest difference was we won some close ones, going 4-1 in 1-run games in June (2-6 over the initial two months). That was of course keyed by improved pitching. We had a 5.31 ERA in June, over a half run improvement over May, which was a quarter run better than April. We did lose big a bit more, but the close wins helped balance it a bit. The RD of -49 was also our best month so far.

Vandals Batter of the Month: SS Joe Dobie - Dobie looks like he might end up as our most successful expansion pick. We grabbed him with our 2nd pick, off of the Braves after he had a nice 2 WAR season last year. He's more of a defensive player but after missing May due to injury he came back hot. He hit .260 with 5 2B, 5 HR, 12 RBI, 13 R, 9 SB and 3 BB for a solid .884 OPS. He's up to 1.3 WAR on the year, which leads our team despite the missed time. I don't think he'll be an .884 OPS guy (he's at .759 on the year) but he should hit enough to that combined with his glove he's a solid piece going forward.

Vandals Pitcher of the Month: RP Jeremy O'Brian - O'Brian was a Rule 5 pick up from the Red Sox, who was in and out of the rotation the first two months of the year after being a starter in the minors. In June we committed to keeping him in the pen and he responded well. He appeared in 12 games and picked up a win, a save and 2 holds across 12.1 IP. He struck out 20 (14.6 K/9) and wasn't scored on in his final 6 games of the month. O'Brian is a good stuff lefty with a great slider, and while he'll likely not be an amazing player, just being a competent lefty should afford him the ability to stick around awhile.

Bright Shining Moment of the Month: The team entered the bottom of the 8th against the Orioles down 7-4 and likely on our way to our 4th straight loss. After a rally which scored a run on a sac-fly, a walk and a hit batsman loaded the bases for starting catcher Rick Leon with 2 outs. Leon deposited a 1-0 fastball deep to left center for a Grand slam and a 9-7 lead. Jose Perales closed it out in the 9th for a nice comeback win.

The Road Ahead: Getting pretty good at this predicting thing, heck if I could count I might've been spot on last month (predicted 11-18, went 11-17). July brings another load of divisional games on the docket, with 17 games against the division. Those games haven't gone so great for us thus far, so that might be a challenge. The other 9 games are mostly against teams that are .500 or better so July is likely to be a tough one. My guess is we go something like 6-20, failing to win any of the 8 series.

Bonus News! In bonus news, as bad as we are, we may have an All-Star starter as C Craig Pugh leads AL Catchers by a hefty margin (750k over 2nd place). This is hilarious because A) Pugh isn't our starting catcher anymore since he can't handle it defensively and B) After hitting .395 in April, he really hasn't hit much at all (he's down to .285 after hitting .211 in June). Not our problem though. The fans want some of this awesome Vandals action, and so they likely will get it.


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July 2115 Update

Don't look now, but we're actually impersonating a real big league ballclub. A shitty big league ballclub since we went 10-16, but like that's a real record for a month. We also caught and passed the vile Rockies for "best" expansion team, now leading them by 2 games. RD of -27 was our best month by far. Pitching was still pretty bad with an ERA of 5.81, but our offense was almost a real offense with an OPS+ of 93.

Vandals Batter of the Month: 2B Blake Dorsey - Dorsey was probably our biggest risk pick in the expansion draft, mainly because he's owed a lot of money over the next 4 seasons. Money really isn't an issue for us now, and while we hold out hope of a deadline deal with retention, it was a big issue when he didn't start off well. He came through in spades in July, hitting .289 with 6 HR and 18 RBI, while stealing 6 bags. OPS on the month was .940 and he's up to 2.1 WAR on the year, 2nd on the club.

Vandals Pitcher of the Month: RP Samppa Pihlavisto - Sammy was a late round expansion pick as a vet, coming over from the Tigers. The goal for him was just some steady middle inning relief. After a rough April and a 10-day demotion to AAA as a roster casualty, he's certainly provided that. In July he appeared in 10 games, throwing 20 innings with 19 K's and a 0.85 WHIP. He allowed just 3 runs and while reliever WAR is a joke, had a solid 0.6 WAR for July. He currently leads the squad in WAR for pitchers

Bright Shining Moment of the Month: On July 18th we hosted the Royals in the finale of a 4 game set - the game started like a lot of Vandals games thus far. Starter (Bader in this case) gets shellacked by some dingers, offense is mostly feckless (first 6 innings we had 4 runners, 3 of which got erased on double plays) and we're down big (7-0 after 6). These upstart Vandals kept fighting though. In the 7th, All-Star Starter Craig Pugh led off with a solo homer to make it 7-1. In the 8th, a trio of singles from Leon, Dobie and Pugh preceded a 3-run bomb from Dave Douglas to cut it to 7-5 heading into the 9th. In the bottom of the 9th, ORod led off with a hustle play, getting to first on a passed ball swinging strike 3. Then Kenny Thomas laced a single to left and Hector Blanco walked to load the bases, with nobody out. Enter C Rick Leon who flipped a 1-2 heater just over the RF wall for a walk off Slam and a 9-7 win for the home team. Good times!

The Road Ahead: After a pair of solid months, I'm left waiting for the other shoe to drop and have us go back to our abysmal ways. It could be this month. We've got a tough 9 game trip through Chicago, St. Louis and division leading Pittsburgh. Early in the month we host Tampa and Pittsburgh. We do have 4 in Baltimore, the non-expansion squad with the worst record. I don't think we entirely stink it up in August, I'm gonna go with a 10-17 month.

Bonus News (All-Star Edition): As previously noted, we did have an All-Star, as Craig Pugh was voted to start at Catcher. It was not a great night for Mr. Pugh, going 0-for-3 with 2 K's. He did allow a stolen base but the team threw a combined shutout so his defensive deficiencies didn't cost the team.


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August 2115 Update

Another solid double-digit win month at 11-16, it's possible that we've turned a bit of a corner into being merely bad, rather than horrifically bad. OUr RD was still pretty bad this month, but we did win some nice close games. We're 5.5 up on our expansion mate Rockies and were within striking distance of the Orioles until we dropped 3 out of 4 to them the final week.

Vandals Batter of the Month: 1B Travis Sheppard - One of our newest players hops right in and contributes right away. Sheppard is a former Rays 3rd round pick who has spent the last 5+ years platoon at 1B and DH versus lefties. We grabbed him off waivers on July 26th and in August he hit .284 with 5 2B and 6 HR. He drove in 15 and scored 11 times. The big key to Sheppard is he doesn't strike out a ton - only 9 times all month with 8 walks.

Vandals Pitcher of the Month: CL Jose Perales - Perales was another former member of Atlanta we snagged in the expansion draft. He started the year in AAA, spent May as a setup man and then took over the closing duties when Zamora had finally had enough. In August he picked up 7 saves and a win in 12 games, striking out 17 over 14 innings. He ended up winning or saving 80% of our wins this month.

Bright Shining Moment of the Month: Friday August 16th in Pittsburgh we jumped out quick to a 4-0 lead thanks to two Sheppard homeruns. We of course coughed that up and entered the 9th down 5-4. After Dorsey singled and Douglas walked, Jaime Peralta moved the runners over. ORod walked and Archuleta flew out to left, but there was no chance to tag up. That left SS Joe Dobie up with the bases loaded and two out. Down in an 0-2 hole, Dobie hit a seeing eye single through the left side, scoring Dorsey to tie it up. Sheppard then worked a walk to give us a 6-5 lead which Perales would close out in the 9th.

The Road Ahead: In the seasons final month, the schedule isn't completely horrible. Just 9 games against current playoff teams, so we might be able to finish strong. 11 wins to finish with 55 would be nice, and is definitely an attainable goal.


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September 2115 Update

Well, our initial season mercifully comes to a close. We rocked a 9-20 to close it out, culminating in a sweep of the Twins to close the season and avoid 110 losses (yay!??). All in all, 53-109 is no great shakes but we won The Expansion Cup over the Rockies and after the 12-41 (.226) we closed at 41-68 (.376). Along the way we did get some insight into what we do and don't have going forward and while we'll still be pretty bad in 2116, I'm hoping for a decent leap in wins and competitiveness.

Vandals Batter of the Month: 2B Clinton Pace - A nice little bright spot was the play of 26-year-old 2B Clinton Pace. Pace was one of the first minor league deals we signed post-draft, and he hit .315 across AA & AAA before getting the big league call. Over the final month he hit .293 with the big-club, driving in 17 in 19 starts. He scored 12 times and hit 10 XBH (3 2B, 5 3B and 2 HR). I don't know if he'll be enough of a defender to stick long-term, but it's nice to see an early cheap pickup pay out a bit.

Vandals Pitcher of the Month: SP Buck Hanigan - Hanigan was another early pickup, one of the first ML free agents we signed in the first group. He just turned 25 a bit over a month ago and in 19 AAA starts he went a decent 5-4, 3.39 ERA, 1.17 WHIP. The main issue with Hanigan is he doesn't last deep into games. He averaged 5.3 IP/GS in each start across AAA and ML and as such, he'll likely be a long reliever going forward. With the Vandals he went just 1-2, in part because he didn't pitch long enough to get many wins. He had a nice 3.64 ERA (119 ERA+), 1.19 WHIP and 9 K/9. In just that lone month he turned in 0.8 WAR, which actually tied for 4th on the staff with players who pitched double or triple the innings.

Bright Shining Moment of the Month: It's not every season that you get to end with a 17-inning game 162 and in this weird expansion year, we drew that lucky straw. Sitting at 52-109 going into the finale, we needed a win against the Twins to get the sweep and avoid 110 losses. Hanigan got the start and gutted out 6 innings, but allowed 4 runs and departed in a 4-2 hole, handing the ball to our dicey bullpen. Coming into the game the pen had a pretty awful 4.53 ERA. In the 8th, Pace hit a lead off triple and scored 2 batters later on a Todd Robinson single to cut the score to 4-3. In the 9th, Roberto Miranda lead off with a single, followed by a groundout and a walk. Joe Dobie then laced one to deep CF but it was tracked down. The runners tagged to put both in scoring position with 2 outs. Twins closer Gary Mooney then uncorked a wild pitch, scoring Miranda and tying the game. From there, the teams traded zeroes all the way to the 17th inning. In the top half, deposed SP Ashton Wheeler escaped a jam, running the tally to 11 scoreless by the Vandals pen. Miranda again hit a lead off single and maligned CF Ian Fisher lined a 2-1 double in the gap to take the game, get the sweep, avoid 110 and send the fans home happy. Hopefully a nice sign of things to come!

The Road Ahead: Likely, a lot of turnover and signings again. 12 players who saw big league time will be hitting FA, as well as a slew of minor leaguers who didn't really work out or want big-league extensions. We should have well north of 40 million for FA, and while I doubt we sign any big-ticket guys, it should bolster the roster around the edges.


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Thanks dude! Yeah, definitely helping me not just check out during these horrible years and should be pretty cool in the future as the thread goes. Thanks for checking it out!


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Vandals Year In Review - 2115

Well, it was definitely a challenging year overall - but as far as Year 1 goes, it could be worse. Here's a quick recap and look forward for each spot

Catcher: Craig Pugh was our lone All-Star, but as his defense faded, he had to change to DH. Taking his place were a pair of wholly sub-par catchers, Rick Leon and Carlos Cavazos. Both are terrible pretty much. Catcher will definitely be a spot we need to address, but given the state of catching league-wide, in a way it's pretty low priority.

First Base: First was a revolving door, as Homer Gray (-1.2 WAR), Hector Blanco (-0.5 WAR) and Travis Sheppard (0.7 WAR) all started at various times. They are also not very good. Blanco has been DFA'd and Sheppard is hitting Free Agency, leaving Gray as the current starter. We will definitely be signing a 1B of some caliber.

Second Base: Early expansion draft pick Blake Dorsey manned 2B for the majority of the year, and while he may not have performed as well as he did for the Mets, he was worth 2.3 WAR. He hit .255 with a decent .750 OPS (99 OPS)+ and league average defense. Basically he's completely average. We'll look to trade him at full retention ideally, but if he starts at 2B for us in 2116 it's not the end of the world. Clinton Pace took over when Dorsey was hurt in September and hit well (120 OPS+) but likely is too limited defensively to start long term.

Shortstop: Joe Dobie was almost without question our best player last year. He ended up being worth 3 WAR, hitting 18 HR and stealing 15 bases. Offensively, not amazing, but he was a very sure-handed defensive player, making just 4 errors at SS in 123 starts. Expect him to be our starter next year

Third Base: 24-year-old Kenny Thomas silently handled 3B for us basically all season long. At just 1.1 WAR, he really didn't make much of an impact. He hit .241 with 15 HR and 28 SB and was pedestrian at best defensively. We've got a couple other similar type guys who could play instead but they're unlikely to provide any boost. Without any actual prospects, this may be another spot we look to sign a guy for.

Outfield: Our outfield was an unmitigated disaster all year long. 10 different players got starts in the OF and none of them were worth over 1 WAR. CF Bernard Hinton, who was worth exactly 1 WAR, is hitting Free Agency. 2nd best OF, Dave Douglas will be joining him. Good news is, as far as mediocre OFs, there are a ton of them in the league. We'll keep cycling through, hoping to find someone who isn't god awful. We may sign someone if we can get a good price, but we may just roll out Peralta, Orlando Rodriguez and some jabroni in RF and call it good.

Starting Pitching: 14 players started a game for the Vandals in 2115, and really, they were all pretty bad. The best of them, Buck Hanigan (3.79 FIP) and Simon Schultz (4.54 FIP) really don't have the stamina to go more than 5 or so innings. Our rotation next year will likely be those two, Mark Bader (5.35 ERA) and a couple random dudes we sign to fill some innings. It's doubtful anyone in the minors will really contribute in 2116.

Relief Pitching: This might be the best facet of our team, albeit relievers can already be quite temperamental and inconsistent. Jose Perales (3.21 ERA, 18 Saves), Samppa Pihlavisto (3.80 ERA in 94 IP, 1.0 WAR), Hoyt Vokey (3.42 ERA, 0.9 WAR in 73.2 IP), and Ken Dean (2.84 ERA as a reliever) should have jobs secured. The other spots will likely be a smattering of what we have and some junk we sign.

We have nearly 50 million in budget room to play with, and having gone big in International signings this past year, we'll likely use the bulk of it. We'll mainly look to sign guys to 1-year deals in hopes we can flip them or keep the fans happy enough to stabilize the budget. We're still a ways away from any meaningful contribution from prospects. CF Augusto Diaz should make it to AAA next year and have an outside shot at making the big-club, but we're still very far away from the cavalry arriving